2:09 Events Limited

Covid-19 and Moving into 2021

Understandably the woeld of mass endurance events has been decimated by the Pandemic, with all major International Marathon cancelled or postponed in 2021. 

Gradually events are coming back - medium sized events with social distancing in mind as part of the planning, such as face coverings at the start assembly, seperated 'grid' systems of lining up for the start, that are set off in waves etc. 

2:09 will be gradually reintroducing events from December onwards - with the Farnborough Half Marathon on Jan 24th the first main event - we are working with Rushmoor Borough Council on producing a safe event at the moment. We are planning the Algarve Training Camp for March with the hotel and local Government in the Algarve, and hope that it will be our first travel event - just as it turned out to be the last one we did in 2020.