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Running Training Schedules and Advice

Welcome to the world of 2:09 Training. 

This is where we started, with Mike Gratton on a training camp in Portugal, way back in 1984. The advice we give still comes from the experience of some of the UK's most experienced runners and coaches, including Mike a London Marathon winner (mikegrattoncoaching).

Our advice has often been used in running magazines, on the various online forums and by leading races and charity event organisers. 

Preparing for a race is a big commitment and you will get the most from the experience if you have prepared well. We recommend that you follow structured training plans that bring you to a peak for the big day.

The training plans on this page were prepared by London Marathon winner Mike Gratton for 2:09 Events and Runner's World are tried and tested over many years and by thousands of our runners. These are free to download but are unsupported - supported bespoke personal training is available from Mike Gratton at mikegrattoncoaching.

A series of blogs on training and strength & conditioning, along with other features written by Mike Gratton,  supported with physio information from Bodyset, can be found at Coachtherun


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