2:09 Events Limited

Sports Partners of 209 Events

The success of 2:09 Events is not achieved alone and we are very pleased to have partnerships with some of the leading providers in the sport. Whether it is the New York Road Runner’s or a local running club, many organisations contribute to what we feel is a unique programme of UK based and overseas events.

Our thanks go to the following for their contribution to making our events and overseas tours so memorable:

Alton Sports

Alton Sports specialise in footwear and looking at your feet in motion on their instore treadmills, they watch you walk or run whilst recording this and playing back on big screens on the wall. Everyones feet are different and all footwear is different, the friendly helpful staff at Alton sports will look at your personal circumstances, and problems you have or have had, then fit you in the most appropriate footwear whether you walk to work, go to the gym, train for football or run marathons.

Tel: 01902 888888

Email: something@someone.com

Website: http://www.someone.co.uk

For Goodness Shakes!

For Goodness Shakes! is a new range of sports recovery product that provide the body with the right balance of carbohydrate, protein and fluid for recovery post exercise. They taste great and are ready to drink so you get the right nutrition at the right time in the 20 minute recovery window post exercise.

Sold in supermarkets and travel locations such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, BP, Total and Moto it's available whenever you need it. For Goodness Shakes! is also used by over 50 GB athletes including gold medal decathlete Dean Macey.

Tel: 01902 090900

Email: someone@someone.com

Website: http://www.someone.co.uk